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THE CABIN is a singleplayer first person adventure game where you, in the shoes of Ben Marshall, suffer a plane crash accident. You wake up on a mysterious abandoned Island filled with old 80s technology. Soon you start realizing that you are not alone when strange things start to happen.

Installation Instruction:

1. Download File

2. Unzip Files onto the same folder

3. Execute "The Cabin.exe"


You were on a business trip on an airplane just before having an accident and crashing on an abandoned island. Wake up on the beach and find help. Strange things will start to draw your attention, be wary of the islands secrets.


  • First Person Adventure Horror Game
  • Explore an Island that was abandoned in the 80s
  • Find the cabin and explore it's interior
  • Discover who Mickey is
  • Unveil the secrets of this mysterious island

Minimum Specs

GPU : GT 420 - 2GB

CPU : Unknown


Recomended Specs

GPU : GTX 970 - 4GB

CPU : Intel Core I5-4460 - 3.2GHz

RAM : 8 GB




This game works only with Keyboard and Mouse.

WASD - Move

Mouse - Look around

Left Mouse Button - Use Item in hand

Right Mouse Button - Inspect Item

E - Interact

Left Shift - Run

Space - Climb

Q - Change Equipment


Developed and Directed by
Rafael Barbosa

Ben Marshall by

Rafael Barbosa

Mickey by

Gabriela Gaio

Gabriela Gaio Fratini
Rafaela Pontes Gestal
Miguel Grunfedlt
Diego Machado
Mateus Iza
Carlos Cadori
Christian André Marchetti
Guilherme Zanchett
Lennon Romano Bisolo

A Special thanks to Unity for making this possible


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THE CABIN Windows 347 MB

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Bro, This game is.... I dont know check this video. :/

I gotta admit, I got scared a few times but overall the game needs some work on sound design and audio recording. The pop in on textures is insanely low even on the highest settings, and the lack of emotion in everyone's voice really turns me away from the rest of the game. I look forward though to what you do to make it more polished, best of luck.

The game is buggy and could use some work. I would also like to see a longer demo as the "monster" seems to just be a hunter and I don't know why the protagonist freaks out at the sight of someone hunting a deer.
I gave the game a go on my channel, ArthurPlays:

Needs to be optimized for high settings.

Kept getting some weird light pop up occasionally which I wasn't sure was by design or a bug? Had a lot of fun though and will be sure to check out your game over on steam :D 

Hello All, It is really impressive to see that so many people played the game! Thank you all very much! Unfortunately, The Cabin isn't going to go forward, instead, after this game, I created my game dev company Yellow Panda Games and publish the game A Story of Distress over at Steam. If you are interested on my work, take a look at that :)

Thank you all for playing once again! You guys Rock!

Haha, this game had some rather interesting voice acting. Wish there was more to it though. 

I would absolutely LOVE to see how this game progresses towards a final product, but it does need a lot of work in terms of the voice acting and object interaction. I felt the voice acting brought the game down quite a bit, but the story, for what it was, had me WAY DEEP wondering where it could be taken, because there's MAJOR POTENTIAL here! Keep up the kickass work, and I'll definitely be looking out for future updates and other projects!

This game has a really awesome idea behind it and although the animations need a little bit of work in the cuts I cant wait to see more of this game!

PS... Eff those stairs!

(1 edit)

I both loved and hated this game. Loved it because it scared me more than most other games. Hated it because it scared me more than most other games. The first two jumpscares (basically just sounds) really got me.

This is a fun little game that I hope to see more of. The following video is part let's play, part tutorial on how to completely stuff up your video intros. Enjoy :)

There's honestly some really good elements to this game. But the faults are there and sometimes really front and center. There was a large rendering issue where textures either wouldn't load or an object wouldn't spawn, then there was the voice acting. I'm not trying to hurt your feelings, but good critical feedback can go a long way.

Let me tell you the good though. The atmosphere was set just right, and the ending really saved it. I'm hooked, I'm interested and that's an amazing thing to do. Even with its faults, I'm still listening. Good work. 

Very inspiered by Firewatch, combined with Horror Elements.

Good work - keep it going!

This game's got a really good atmosphere, and you definitely left me wanting to know what happens next! Everything ran smoothly for me too, which is always a bonus =)

The creep factor was set up just right, there wasn't just a constant barrage of scares which really left me on edge wondering where the next spook was coming from! Keep up the awesome work, really looking forward to seeing more =)

Performance could be a bit better, I'm running slightly above recommended and I had some stutters. I had to unplug all my controllers because controls didn't work, after that everything was fine with mouse and keyboard. The game looks interesting, I want to know what's going to happen next!

Have to say for a demo not bad you made me scream like a baby. And OMG i hate when thing whisper to you AAHHHH nice touch.  i enjoyed it thx for making it :D


Really loved this demo, it was really well done! There was obviously a lot of effort put into this game, and I can't wait to see how the full game plays like! 

Really liked this! At first I thought it wasn't going to be very good, but then it turned into something I really liked <3. Do you really plan on finishing this? Please do, I'm so sick of decent indie games get demos and prologues and then never get finished, and I liked this one! 
Lumps Plays = Pop-up style commentary, IT'S THE NEW RAD!

Actually got jump scared badly... Do you dare go inside? | The Cabin Prologue 


I thoroughly enjoyed this game! Though I bag on the voice acting a little, it actually does give it a sort of charm! I left some critiquing on how to record the audio better towards the end of the video! I really hope you enjoy it a lot! Thank you for making this!

I had a blast playing this, I loved the graphics as well as the story, so far I wish that this had a bit more, but Im sure its a work in progress, I do also think that this has SOOO much promise, thank you devs for the experience of a dope game!

When protagonist told Mickey he is survivor of plane crash, she should ask him about condition - think about it :)

Yeah, honestly that dialog was quite week and I wanted to remake it, unfortunatly my time ran off :c

This was enjoyable, I can definitely see all the work put into it.  It was a good opening, setting the mood so that you know just enough to be drawn in, but not to spoil anything.  I like the LOST vibe, just being on an unknown island after a plane crash.  That aside, the bobbing when not moving is a hassle.  I also commented a lot on the voice acting, but it gives it its own character and charm that I quite enjoyed.  Made it more fun to me.  Anyway, good work, and I'll be following to find out more secrets of this island.


This is a great preview of what I hope turns into a much larger game! 

Definitely notice the effort that went into it, just wish there was more to do! :)

Great prologue / demo! I love the atmosphere of the island and the mystery that its wrapped up in. I can't wait to see more come from this, the prologue definitely has me wanting more! Here's a video I made featuring a no commentary gameplay so there is no distraction from the game or it's story, enjoy!

Just released an update that fixes a few issues on the windows version and finally makes the Mac version work!

WORST PLACE TO CRASH ! | The Cabin Prologue / Demo Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Pretty neat so far, I'd definitely be interested in seeing more.

Heeya all,

This is a nice and short experience , i liked the atmosphere and the axe :P 
i've recorded my gameplay :) i will link the video here : 

Let me know what you thought of the game / video :D 
( And  if i missed something , then i will jump back in sometime )

Have a awesome day!

For anyone using the Mac, I know that there is an error when trying to start the game, I will try to fix it as soon as possible. It is expected to be fixed by tomorrow (14/07).

News: Won't be able to fix these issues in time, new estimated date: Monday